The Beibs in Action?

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again.

It’s all about the little things. My “little” thing this week – was my laptop.

Over the past year, I have gone through…probably four laptops. I sit at my desk, and they just shut off. So I reboot and start working again. But after…a few days of this, it’s frustrating. After a few weeks, it’s even more frustrating.

I go over to IT Helpdesk, pound on the door. (They are the only ones that get to have an office area with a segregated wall that’s locked. I’m not sure if it’s to safeguard computers and stuff, or to make sure that people don’t barge in and start yelling at the staff.)

So, like I was saying, I go over, knock, tell them my problem. They run some kind of diagnostic. It’s fixed. For a few weeks. And then it happens over and over again until finally I get a new computer. But the same model as the one that is broken.
(I’ll save you from the stories of the SERIOUS battles I’ve had to get a software properly implemented. Those were some pretty stressful weeks too...)

Anyway. Back to my laptop problem. I destroy them. And after going through a week of my computer randomly shutting off while I’m in the middle of something, I lost it. I walked over to IT Helpdesk. Pounded on the door. And said, “Here’s my laptop. Call me when it’s fixed.” And then stormed home and worked from my personal computer, which doesn’t have the same access as my work computer.

No one called me until the next morning. But it was fixed!

Except it wasn’t. it shut down four times in the span of a half an hour. I finally broke down and wrote them an email in point form:

Monday – [such and such happened]
Tuesday – [such and such happened]
Wednesday – [such and such happened]

This is extremely disruptive to my work. Not even listening to Justin Beiber can get me back on track after so many crashes in one day. Please help.

Fast forward a few hours later – the IT Manager has contacted my Manager requesting him to approve a brand new laptop for me.

Fast forward a few more hours and I have this fancy computer that isn’t made in Madagascar. It’s even a name I recognize.

My question is:
Did they sense that I was about to lose my mind and jump into action to prevent me from throwing myself into the Canal Pangalanes?
Or was it the mention of the Beibs???? Everyone loves the Beib. I’m contemplating using a JB reference in the next companywide memo I issue to test out the theory*.

*not actually. I’m sort of crazy but not ACTUALLY that crazy.