Day 4

I think?

Last night's sea sickness was at an all time high. I thought I was doing better but spent from 4pm onwards in bed. I guess it's good to rest on vacation, right? I woke up around 3am and had a luxurious meal of green apple and crackers. Ah, this is the life. :S

Today's plans:
  • Crafting, making a beaded necklast
  • "Power walk" with my grandpa (while my grandma laps us!)
  • Pay the nineteen bazillion dollars and download iTunes so that I can feel like a whole person again. I am so addicted to my iTouch!!
  • Try running....
  • Shopping! They have a sale on ten dollar watches and my last ten dollar watch just broke.
We booked a few excursions yesterday. Even with the sea sickness, I'm having a good time. But I think I'm ready for land!!