Goodnight Day 4

  • I've been sea sick for only parts of the day. I invested in some of these accu-pressure wrist cuffs. Let's see if they work. Tonight my grandpa was sea sick and we have bascially decided that we are not "cruise" people.
  • Sadly (:P) there was no crafting. Turns up you have to show up at least a half an hour early because the craft ladies mean business and there is a limited supply. If we go tomorrow, I'm going to wear my biggest rings to secure us a spot.
  • We have a Ben & Jerry's cafe on board. I walk past it every day but haven't been able to eat there yet.
  • I haven't been playing paparazzi! What is wrong me with!! I've only taken picture of one meal so far!! My cruise pictures are going to suck!
  • I brought multiple outfits for different days thinking I would get all dressed up and co-ordinate my accesories and everything. Um. Nope. I wore makeup the first time today. I have been basically wearing the same clothes and my bathing suit. So much for looking "cute".
  • I managed to download iTunes onto my netbook today so I'm just one day away from having music on my iTouch. I am having withdrawals.
  • I can't wait to upload a video of our swim today. We're just in a regular pool, but because of the rough waters we're flung around and have to hold on for dear life. For some reason, it's really fun!
  • I still haven't ran yet!! We all slept through our afternoon nap alarm! Tomorrow....for sure.
  • It's not yet 9pm...and I'm headed back to my room. Um. I need to light a torch under my party shoes. Pronto.