Land ho!

I made it through DAY 6!! Today I was the least sea sick. It was cold/wet most of the afternoon but I still managed to spend most of it outdoors.

AND tonight it was formal night! Finally the dress and shoes that I bought got put to good use. Well, sort of. I got pictures taken in them. And then ate. And then more pictures. And now...I'm going to retire for the evening. Yes, retire. It's called retire when it's not quite 9pm and your grandparents are staying up later than you. What can I say.

I guess I can always use the excuse that I'm jetlagged? days ago??? Or that I have to get up early?

Anyway, tomorrow we reach our first port of call, Hilo. I've signed up for "Cave and Lagoon Trecking". What the F that is, I have no idea, because I was so freaking excited and gung ho for this cruise that I booked all kinds of things in advance. All I know is I have a ticket for it, and it starts and 09h45. I am kinda scared of the dark. I don't really enjoy hiking. Just add this to another experience of how I make awesome decisions when I have access to the internet and a credit card in my hand.


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