Lost Weekend

For...whatever reason, I've been really on edge the last two weeks.

Me "on edge" + a tired Louis = not super fun times.

I had plans for supper and a night on the town. Louis was exhausted, but rallied and said he would come to supper, at minimum.

Saturday's usually grocery day, so when I was out, I thought....hey...I'm going out tonight for supper at this cool hotel, called Calypso. Louis is joining me for supper but he's super exhausted....wouldn't it be nice to book a room at the hotel? (Side note - this is the one and only hotel in Toamasina that I would ever even consider staying at. It is actually a REALLY nice hotel!)

So I stopped in the hotel, and luckily they had a suite!! And it was right next door to one of our friends (the project is currently at over capacity for housing so some staff live in the hotel).

I wanted it to be a surprise, so I packed my gigantic purse along with a beach bag full of clothes, yogurt and granola, Starbucks VIA, bottled water, and all our toiletries and went out for supper, with the premise that I was bringing some clothes and other stuff for a friend living at the hotel.

We got to the hotel and I asked him to help me carry the bags to my friend's room. Louis still wasn't figuring out what was going on. It wasn't until I took his contact case and toothbrush out of my bag and put it in the bathroom that he figured it out. He was super happy.

We ate supper, had a lot of fun, and then around 23h00 he went upstairs and crashed. Best plan ever.

Meanwhile, I stayed since I was going for a night on the town. Except....supper lasted longer than normal....and I kept ordering drinks....and by the time we made it to the bar...I was not well. I am a very cheap drunk. And I got caught up with the excitement of everything, and didn't quite pay attention (or THINK) as to the number of drinks I was having, and I lasted an entire fifteen minutes at the bar.

SO ANNOYING. I was wearing a freaking dress and had on some nice earrings - like I was ready for a night out on the town!!! Some night on the town. I had an awesome time at supper... but did not enjoy paying the price for my lack of INTELLIGENCE in alchohol consumption.

My night ended around midnight. And I woke up NOT WELL. Thanks to my over-enthusiasm in the Dzama department, I was not getting out of bed. We ended up paying the day rate so that I could stay at the hotel until 18h00. Even though I spent the day in bed, Louis had a great day. Lunch with his buddies and a massage and hanging out at the cool hotel. I had....not such a fabulous day, but it was

I had hoped to put pictures of my weekend but a) I didn't have a memory card in my camera, and b) if I had taken any pictures it would be me laying in bed or blurry shots from the night before.

Oh, well. Regardless of the self-induced sickness, I had a pretty great weekend. I think Louis and I are going to stay at the hotel once a rotation, just to feel like we get a mini-vacation in our work rotation.

And speaking of vacations....I'm off in two and half days!! That's super exciting....but also super stressful!!! Two and a half days to get so much done!!! Ahhh!!!!