Wave Crasher

I've been on one cruise before so I am no expert. But these are some mother crazy waves!!! There are little containers on each level full of (empty) sickness bags.

Between jetlag and the boat moving around, I didn't sleep much last night. Oh, and thanks Royal Carribean for stocking the mini-fridge with chocolate. Insomnia + acess to chocolate??? Damnit.

I am dying without my iTouch. This afternoon I'm going to go try to run on the track. Without music, with jetlag, and with the boat rocking back and forth...hm....could be interesting.

My grandparents are having a super time!!!!! I'm having a great time and will be having an even greater time once I get a full night's sleep.

Last night I spent a full hour unpacking. Yes, it is a little over the top to bring eight scarves/wraps and twelve pairs of shoes. But I couldn't decide.

Today's plan:
- Read
- Eat a healthy lunch and supper to make up for my chocolate party and carb rave this morning
- Run (or try to)
- Nap
- Pedicure
- Get decked out for formal night!!

Okay, off to meet my grandparents. My grandpa has been wanting to spend ten dollars in the casino since yesterday. :)