Cave, Waterfall, and Lagoon Trek

And let the start of the Hawaii vacation posts begin.

I'll start with the first day that I was off the ship because...well...the days I was on the ship weren't exactly my best....

I had signed up for a Cave, Lagoon, and Waterfall Trecking Adventure on Hilo, the big island.

After we got off the ship (and I had my little incident with my wallet), we got on a tour bus. I'm not a huge fan of tour buses... but here we go.
The wallet!! (I took this picture later on that day....not before I re-joined my travel mates :P) 
 And the tour started. In the pouring rain.
 More rain...
 Okay, that sort of looks like sun...
 That's better.
 Some surfers catching the waves
And we stopped by the side of the road to take pictures of the "waterfall". I'm thrilled, as you can see....
Although the scenery was very pretty.
 Okay. Wasn't this tour about some....trecking???
 Last time I checked, "trecking" didn't include paved pathways with hand rails...
But I can't complain about the scenery. These trees are also found in Madagascar!
So. Here's the "waterfall" we get to. What? You can't see it?
Maybe my big head is blocking it?
Nope. Here it is! Or....water stream. A had a couple from our tour asked me where the waterfall was.
 I asked a friendly American to take my picture. Thanks.
 But again, the scenery was nice.
Next stop was the caves. These caves are formed by "lava tubes". Years ago, as hot lava hits the ocean, it can make a phenomenon called lava tubes. We were told that you can walk up to ten miles through this one tube!
Except - our tour guide told us we had fifteen minutes to look around.
A bunch of asshats carved their name in the lava (which looked super cool, by the way! (the lava, not the asshat names))
 It was dark!
 Next stop. The lagoon. Eeek!!! I had to walk through this mess!!!
I did not enjoy the feeling of...."mush" between my toes....
 But, yet again, the scenery was beautiful.
This poor couple... the wife did not enjoy walking through the lagoon...and we heard here screams for the entire walk. I could totally relate....but kept my screams to myself....:S
 After a disgusting ten minutes or so, we got to the ocean. The crashing waves were awesome!
 Except I got a little too camera happy and got yelled at for going too close. Oops.. :(
After a few minutes we were told we had to go. We walked back through the sludge and back to our tour van.
Before I left on my day trip, we asked a local person where the best place to meet up was. They told us Walmart!!! What's a trip without a visit to Walmart?!?!?!! I was in shopping heaven - it's the first real store of any kind I've seen since my last trip to Canada.
Our dinner atire was supposed to be Hawaiian that night. I really, really wanted to buy this shirt and these pants...but they were over $40 combined and my cheapness won out.
After shopping a bit, I found my grandparents and we went back to the ship. Around 20h00 that night, we were hitting the other side of the island, where there is almost always lava flow. But the weather conditions were poor and we didn't see anything. Darn.

All in all, the tour was cool, but just not what I expected. Our local was a native to the area so she told us lots of interesting information and different cultural aspects....I was just expecting like a hard hike....and at least to get wet in the ocean. The tour was a bit misrepresented by the cruise ship. Oh, well. I was on dry land and had a pretty good day! And in Hawaii!!!!!