The Good, The Bad Ah, who cares, I'm on vacation!!!


The Good: In general, I've had okay luck with travel. Other people have had it MUCH worse (delayed in London for four days over Christmas, one guy was refused entry due to customs error and had to fly back to Paris from Reunion – a mere 10 hours), but the month of October is NOT MY MONTH FOR RELIABLE TRAVEL.

The Bad: First, it was the Kenyan tour. Ok, REALLY not a big deal….although I’m still fighting for my money back….I got a pretty good deal out of it and am spending a full week with my BFFs that I haven’t seen in a year.

This little Turkey expedition. A quick four days, but I was looking forward to it. After I contacted the travel agency, they told me they couldn’t book it. This is now TWICE in ONE MONTH where I have been burned by this company. (I’m in the process of getting MORE than just the funds for my trip repaid! This, is, The Ugly!).

Anyway, I’m keeping my Turkey flights and hotels, but I won’t have anything organized. After talking to a few expats, this doesn’t seem that bad. I’m also staying in old Istanbul which is close to EVERYTHING! I spoke with a few people yesterday who talked about how safe it was, how great it was, and I’m looking forward to it. Disappointed that the tour didn’t go through, but it’s still going to be a wicked good time.

This tour company I used was well recommended and reputable.

However, I would strongly advice against it. Poor customer service, unreliable, and just generally CRAPPY!!! Boo Intrepid Travel!!!!!

Now, onto bigger and better things. I’m flying to Johannesburg airport tomorrow. I LOVE THE JHB airport. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. You can have sparkling wine IN THE FOOD COURT. They have fruit there. They have shops there.

Oh – and on the way back, we spend the night in Johannesburg. As I’ve said before, I heart Johannesburg.

So really - none of this matters because....I’M ON VACATION AS OF 11H00 TOMORROW!!!