Random Updates and I'm going to buy a purse.

  • iTunes is going to make me broke. When I lived in the camp, I couldn't download anything. Now that I'm in the village, I'm realizing the potential that I have. $0.99 here, $2.49 there....may as well take half my salary now.
  • I was able to eat today. Very little. But this is progress!
  • I wonder why when I'm sick my face goes a grey-ish color and my lips go a purpley color. It gets me a lot of, "Wow, you don't look so good" comments. It reminds me of something off of Law & Order (which I watch too much of, thanks to the internet I have in the village).
  • I'm not sure if I'm more excited to go to the UK for the first time ever, or to go to Tesco. Pathetic, yes. But, shopping becomes a totally different thing when 75% of the local stores here are grass/bamboo huts.
  • My contract is up in seven months and I'm not yet panicking about where I'll live and what I'll do. Yet. I hope this continues for at least six more months.
  • I tried pineapple Fanta last night. Grossest stuff I have ever tasted. Horrible.
  • I lost 6.4lbs on my "three day diet" this week. If half of that stayed away, I'd be pleased.
  • I'm going to religiously start taking a multivitamin vitamin, pro-biotics, and anything else I can think of every day. If I can take good enough care of myself, and not have a stomach-party that lasts longer than 24 hours, I'm going to buy myself a Coach purse/bag big enough to carry a laptop and/or travel with when I'm in UAE in February. So that's it. From now until February, I'm on a mission to try anything and everything that I can do to prevent a stomach-party. I'm not naive enough to think I won't get sick from now until then, but if I can keep it to small sicknesses less than 24 hours, which means missing less than a full work-day from now until February, I'll buy a ridiculous and frivolous bag that I will love. The last time I was in Canada, I talked to my doctor about some tips. She gave me none, and was like, look where you are, it's gonna happen. Well, fine, let it happen, but it can't happen knock me flat on my ass for three days. Things move too quickly here. I am fully aware that I sound crazy, but I'm trying to do some kind of like visualization or something.
  • I downloaded this "Boot Camp" app on iTunes. OMG. I did it on Monday and it nearly killed me. Running isn't enough to stay in shape, I need some muscle stuff. Monday will be a bit too soon probably to get back into the work out grove, but this week I'm going to start encorporating it into my excercise. I was shocked at how hard it was for me! I used to be the Boot Camp queen!
When I read this post, it sounds particularly crazy. But, I've been in bed for the better part of three days. And sometimes I'm particularly crazy.


  1. Get better soon and do your good exercises and I can easily say you deserve a new Coach purse. Do you need Grandpas help to motavate the purchase? Love G&G xxoo


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