My Love Affair With My iTouch

So. I have a ton of awesome pictures from Hawaii. Some of which are already uploaded onto blogger (which can at times be a challenge with the internet here…). However, I have little to no desire to post them. I have little to no desire to post…anything.

Nothing is wrong. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I haven’t been this content and calm in a long time. I have bouts of anxiety about the future, or about situations at work, but I feel like I worry less. If there was a Worriers Annonymous, I totally would be a candidate. So perhaps I’m in worry-recovery mode.

In the evenings, I feel short on time in the evenings and don’t feel like logging on to a computer.

I check my facebook and personal email from my (new) iTouch (which is friggen amazing!), and that’s about it.

I still do fun and exciting (to me, anyway) things.

I still corrupt the local staff (like teaching them the word "@$$hole").

I still worry about world Malagasy hunger.

I sign obscure and random songs in the morning ("Kookaburra" was this morning’s. "Ce n’etait qu’un reve" was the day before).

I think I laugh a lot more and that I’m putting out more productive work this quarter than last.

I still either have a nervous breakdown OR pee my pants laughing from the randomness and the uniqueness that is Madagascar. Possibly some psychosis involved, but that’s not anything new.

Plans for the next month. (Like, outside of work):

October 15th: Stay at the one and only nice hotel in Toamasina so we can feel like we’re on a mini-holiday.

October 31st: Decorate the office and dress up. I really want to find a witch’s costume and paint myself green. Halloween isn’t celebrated here, but from enough expats talking, the national staff sort of get the idea. Or not. When you think about it, dressing up in goofy costumes and eating candy is a weird thing to explain. Same concept applies to explaining the leprauchaun at the end of a rainbow.

November 1st: Leave Toamasina in the afternoon for Tana

November 2nd: beginning at 00h30, start the extremely dreaded process of embarking on an Air France flight to Paris. This means: waiting in line to get the boarding pass, waiting in line to go through the line that goes through customs, waiting in line for customs, waiting in line for security, get into the Air France lounge, then start to wait in line for the second security screening, having my bags searched while I stand outside freezing, then waiting in line for a body scan using one of those metal detector thingies (Side note: Last time I did this, a nun that had cut the line at least twice during this process somehow got behind me. While getting the body scan, I had to stand with my arms stretched out by my side. Unbeknownst to me, she was at my heels, so when I turned around to get the backside of my body scanned, my arm came into contact with her head. In other words: I punched a nun in front of three hundred people.)

I’ll fly eleven hours just in time to wake up and arrive in Paris! Then I’ll take two trains to get to Mons, Belgium and meet up with my crew!

November 8th: A day trip to Canterburry, England is booked. I’m SOO excited! I’ve never been to the UK. And I think this means we get to take the chunnel. Which is cool because I get to say “chunnel” over and over again.

November 12: Take the train to Paris. I haven’t decided if I’ll stop for a bit in Brussels since I have to change trains there anyway.

November 13: Meet up with Louis at the Charles de Gualle airport and fly back to Tana. The arrival process isn’t nearly as painful!

I’m sure before then….I’ll feel like blogging. But for now. I’m going to cook supper and watch trashy TV that I downloaded onto my ahhhhhhhmazing iTouch. Which I'm using to post this blog entry right now. :)