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Boring Pics, Fun Day

When it's nice out, we like to spend some time by the pool. The gated village we live in (until December 13th :( ) has a new pool that seems to have brought back some of the liveliness that used to be around these parts.

Since visiting Hawaii, Louis and I have been in love with Mai Tais. But they don't exactly serve them here. So after a couple of months of hunting down the ingredients, we got everything we needed, according to many websites, anyway.

Guava Juice
Pineapple Juice
Lime Juice
Simple Syrup
Orange/Almond Flavoring
Light Rum
Dark Rum
Grand Marnier.

We were set for the booze component.
 I played Martha Stewart and made some simple syrup.
 And somehow we I turned our kitchen into this:
Oh well. We made some adjustments to the disgusting recipe and were off to the pool. It doesn't look that sunny out but it was SUPER hot. This time of year, the pool water feels like warm bath water.
And then the horseplay starts. It seems that every Sunday is "How Many Times Can …

Water, water, everywhere....

Our company has scaled back some of our luxuries and we are no longer provided with 1.5L of bottled water. While I agree that it's a waste of money and makes a huge impact to the environment, I have become become picky with my water. WATER of all freaking things!!! Like I don't already have enough crap to be picky about.

Anyway, this is the same water that they provide us with now in the big office-type water coolers. And we're supposed to be all enviro-friendly and use our reusable bottles provided (that I'm sure are made with BPCs or whatever that bad plastic is called).
It tastes like worms. No, I wasn't like Ralphy and ate worms and paste when I was little. But if you ever wonder what worms taste like, drink this water, and then you'll be like, What is that weird taste? It's something....I can't put my finger on...I think it tastes like worms!!! Unfortunately I bought a dozen bottles pre-worm taste, so I'm not sure what we are going to do with it…

Nature's High

Although I wasn't exactly feeling 100% yet, I HAD to go for a run to get some endorphins or whatever they are called.
I also needed something to forget all of the a**holes I had in my life today. (I wish I could exclude myself from the a**hole list...but today...not so much.)

I guess that's what a good night's sleep is for. It has definitely been one of "those" days. Yay for tomorrow.

Crappy Week

I guess it’s no secret that I can, at times, have a toilet sense of humor. And I think it got worse here since...well..just cause.

So when I was on holidays, I found a toy that I wanted to bring back for my Moose-Be co-worker. It’s a dog, dressed up as a reindeer, that poops chocolate peanuts. Like, who comes up with these things? And, how many million dollars have they made on stupid ideas like this?

I was going to save it as a Christmas gift, but I found out that he just came back from a close family member’s funeral…so I thought this would be a good first day back to work.

Here it is.
I unwrapped the toy, filled his “belly” with the candy, and then made a “walking noise” while the dog walked along and the made the.. um…other kind of noise, and the dog-reindeer hybrid pooped on the desk.

Yes, he was very excited.

I sent this picture out to three colleagues. And we laughed liked ten year olds do when they hear a fart joke (minus the smiley face since I'm not sure if he'd a…

Drugs are good least in this case.

Since taking the FIVE different medicines, I'm almost feeling like a human again.

I'm sure it's not the healthiest thing in the world to ingest that many medications (plus one given by needle!!) but I can't believe how much better I feel 24 hours later.

Welcome back...

This time I waited just half a day before heading to the doc's. Let's hope this concoction takes care of things quickly.

Ever changing Travel Plans!

Louis & I got on the flight today leaving Johannesburg thinking we'd be home by supper. Nope!
We got to Tana, but our flights were cancelled due to storms. All of the company charter flights are full for tomorrow.
- Another charter will run at 06h00 (NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!!)\
- Another charter will run around 9h00 (YEssssss!!!!)
- Someone finds ten of us seats on an Air Scare Madagascar flight.

Seriously hoping for a 09h00 flight.

UPDATE: It's a 06h00 flight. This sucks.

Last day of Vacation Ramble

Last night, I flew Swiss Air for the second time and boy do I hope I can fly with them again. First, they hand you Swiss chocolate, and second, they have a lay-flat bed where the flight attendant comes and makes the bed for you - like a sheet and new pillow and everything. When you arrive, there is a "greeter" guy there for you that fast-tracks you through customs. I totally felt like a movie star!!

I totally thought I was up for an awesome vacation day in Johannesburg. BUT I didn't take into account that I would have been on a plane for ten hours and that Louis would be working with an eight hour time change.

Anyway, even though it was a super nice bed, I didn't sleep well, Louis was mega-jetlagged, and we had to nagivate around the most confusing mall ever. Sandton City is Joberg's claim to fame mall, and it is a bunch of malls all connecting together in a confused maze. I had to get people to repeat directions multiple times and then would just end up bringing…


Right now, I'm in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to Zurich, where I'll be for a few hours and then I'll be off to Johannesburg for nearly 24 hours.

My vacation plans changed I don't know how many times, but everything worked out absolutely perfect. Today is definitely not an ostrich/flamingo day. I'm feeling pretty lucky (and no, I'm not drunk on champagne :P).

Kids and Travelling

I've made it no secret that I have zero idea about kids. I mean, yes, put me in a locked house with them, and I can feed, bathe, and clothe them, but it's almost a guarantee that there will be tears (on their part and mine), I won't think to feed the kids until I'm hungry, and that their diaper and/or clothes will probably be on backwards.

Just a little foreshadowing on my spur-of-the-moment idea to "go somewhere fun and random".

The city I'm staying in is pretty small, and since we only had a toddler and a five month old to take care of (the kid was in school), I thought it would be a fun trip. We had heard there are fun stores in Evergreen. One of them being Stone Manor, a British store. It's a quick 81.6km? What could go wrong?

The red arrows signify toddler meltdowns.

So we got to this store....and I think we were expecting Walmart, but we got sort of...corner store stocked with British food. Again with the weird flavored chips. Haggis?? Serious…

24 hours in the UK and my Dirty Little Secret.

Before I came, my friend booked us on a day tour to Canterbury, UK. The town is mainly famous for it's three cathedrals.

We started REALLY early. Like four am early.
The baby didn't seem to mind. He was up for a party on the bus! :) (Yes, I'm still wearing the hat. It's cold!)
 Best travelling baby!!!
What's a day trip without me dumping a bottle of water IN my purse and on myself? I think this is pretty standard now.
 After napping for a few hours, a border crossing, crossing underneath the ocean, we had arrived!
 It was a quick five minute walk into town.

We were told to hit up the cathedrals first, but really....we wanted to shop. And shop we did. Soon it was time for lunch and we found a Marks & Spencer diner.
 And what's that!??!?! A STARBUCKS!!?!!!
It was all-in with some gazillion calorie coffee drink.

 And then we found the UK version of Dollarama! I could have spent a few hours in here. :P
 Finally we made our way to the first cathedral.

 A few minutes af…

Afternoon Run

I went for a short run today, the scenery was totally different than what I'm used to! It's crazy how much easier running is when it's not 90% humidity and +33*C! 

 ( was a borrowed toque....)

Tomorrow we're off (very, very early) to Canterbury for the entire day!