24 hours in the UK and my Dirty Little Secret.

Before I came, my friend booked us on a day tour to Canterbury, UK. The town is mainly famous for it's three cathedrals.

We started REALLY early. Like four am early.
The baby didn't seem to mind. He was up for a party on the bus! :) (Yes, I'm still wearing the hat. It's cold!)
 Best travelling baby!!!
What's a day trip without me dumping a bottle of water IN my purse and on myself? I think this is pretty standard now.
 After napping for a few hours, a border crossing, crossing underneath the ocean, we had arrived!
 It was a quick five minute walk into town.

We were told to hit up the cathedrals first, but really....we wanted to shop. And shop we did. Soon it was time for lunch and we found a Marks & Spencer diner.
 And what's that!??!?! A STARBUCKS!!?!!!
It was all-in with some gazillion calorie coffee drink.

 And then we found the UK version of Dollarama! I could have spent a few hours in here. :P
 Finally we made our way to the first cathedral.

 A few minutes after we arrived, there was a quick prayer being held. Good timing.

We could have spent all day in the cathedrals, and the other cathedrals, but we were more in a walking around kind of mood. And I think we were both excited just to be in a country where we could speak English.

Ben and I had a photo shoot with our matching special hats.
 British smiles!!!
We got back on the bus and they made a stop to Tesco, which is kind of like Walmart.
We were impressed and amazed by the different kinds of foods - especially the weird flavors of chips. Butter?? Prawn Cocktail?

 This was pretty hard to pass up. But....I somehow managed to.
 Busted!!! There were like a bazillion different kinds of chocolate!!!
I thought about buying some to bring back... but first, I wasn't feeling well, and second, come on. I'd never bring any back. Except in my belly.
Alright. I am publically coming out of the closet here. No hate mail please. I have a dirty secret. I have this "thing" with breaking chocolate bars. Yes, it is weird. Yes, I'm in therapy. But I think it is like the funnest thing to do EVER.
 After Tesco we got back on the bus, went through the chunnel again (our bus actually boarded the train, we never even had to get off?), and got back home around midnight.

Loved spending the day in the UK!!
Also, quick change of plans. I wasn't feeling fantastic today and decided to hang a few more days in Belgium.