Boring Pics, Fun Day

When it's nice out, we like to spend some time by the pool. The gated village we live in (until December 13th :( ) has a new pool that seems to have brought back some of the liveliness that used to be around these parts.

Since visiting Hawaii, Louis and I have been in love with Mai Tais. But they don't exactly serve them here. So after a couple of months of hunting down the ingredients, we got everything we needed, according to many websites, anyway.

Guava Juice
Pineapple Juice
Lime Juice
Simple Syrup
Orange/Almond Flavoring
Light Rum
Dark Rum
Grand Marnier.

We were set for the booze component.
 I played Martha Stewart and made some simple syrup.
 And somehow we I turned our kitchen into this:
Oh well. We made some adjustments to the disgusting recipe and were off to the pool. It doesn't look that sunny out but it was SUPER hot. This time of year, the pool water feels like warm bath water.
And then the horseplay starts. It seems that every Sunday is "How Many Times Can We Push Each Other Into The Pool" or "How Many Times Can we Beam Unsuspecting People With A Nerf Football In The Head" day.  At one point, I ended up tearing the football in two.
But it was fun to get out. I haven't been doing enough of it lately. I missed a fun party on Friday because of some random crap, and I like, REALLY need to make more of an effort to socialize more. The hours, the stress, the early wake-up calls....they make me tired. But I need more days like this. Perhaps without receiving a football to the head, though. :)


  1. Try not to miss any parties as you will be to soon old an unable to do so.Not if you have our genes. our parting will never stop we just quit earlier than we used to. Tee Hee. Love G@G xxoo


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