Crappy Week

I guess it’s no secret that I can, at times, have a toilet sense of humor. And I think it got worse here since...well..just cause.

So when I was on holidays, I found a toy that I wanted to bring back for my Moose-Be co-worker. It’s a dog, dressed up as a reindeer, that poops chocolate peanuts. Like, who comes up with these things? And, how many million dollars have they made on stupid ideas like this?

I was going to save it as a Christmas gift, but I found out that he just came back from a close family member’s funeral…so I thought this would be a good first day back to work.

Here it is.
I unwrapped the toy, filled his “belly” with the candy, and then made a “walking noise” while the dog walked along and the made the.. um…other kind of noise, and the dog-reindeer hybrid pooped on the desk.

Yes, he was very excited.

I sent this picture out to three colleagues. And we laughed liked ten year olds do when they hear a fart joke (minus the smiley face since I'm not sure if he'd appreciate his picture on the world wide web :D)
I had a crappy week (and not the chocolate covered nut kind), it ended off even worse, so having a stupid, immature little things like this to laugh about, really, really, really helps. (That and good coffee.)