Last day of Vacation Ramble

Last night, I flew Swiss Air for the second time and boy do I hope I can fly with them again. First, they hand you Swiss chocolate, and second, they have a lay-flat bed where the flight attendant comes and makes the bed for you - like a sheet and new pillow and everything. When you arrive, there is a "greeter" guy there for you that fast-tracks you through customs. I totally felt like a movie star!!

I totally thought I was up for an awesome vacation day in Johannesburg. BUT I didn't take into account that I would have been on a plane for ten hours and that Louis would be working with an eight hour time change.

Anyway, even though it was a super nice bed, I didn't sleep well, Louis was mega-jetlagged, and we had to nagivate around the most confusing mall ever. Sandton City is Joberg's claim to fame mall, and it is a bunch of malls all connecting together in a confused maze. I had to get people to repeat directions multiple times and then would just end up bringing Louis in with me to try and figure out where to go and what they are saying. Sometimes in some places I just can't grasp the accent. I also think my brain cell count today has dropped due to lack of sleep last night - comfortable bed and all.

I thought we'd do a bit of shopping but I could barely keep my eyes open, and Louis looked like he was a zombie sleep walking. Kind of a good thing we left because I could spend a month's salary at Woolworths.

I just ordered what will be my last salad for six weeks. :(

It came with the wrong kind of lettuce and was missing a component....I thought about just eating it and then I was like, Come on! I'm not going to be able to eat any interesting lettuce or vegetable (apart from tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots) for the next six weeks, so take your stupid salad back and bring it back to me with the right lettuce. I guess I continued on with the "movie star" routine of this morning.

Tomorrow we're up at 06h00 to have the best breakfast of my life. I'm not sure what it is about this hotel, but I am obsessed with their breakfasts. Every kind of fruit imaginable, amazing service, all kinds of things that I don't get back in the jungle.

It's not quite 20h00....but I think I'll be asleep within the hour....and I'll be back in the jungle by supper time tomorrow!!