Right now, I'm in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to Zurich, where I'll be for a few hours and then I'll be off to Johannesburg for nearly 24 hours.

My vacation plans changed I don't know how many times, but everything worked out absolutely perfect. Today is definitely not an ostrich/flamingo day. I'm feeling pretty lucky (and no, I'm not drunk on champagne :P).


  1. That is really good news. We are so glad you had a nice time with Stef's family. Safe travel home. Sometimes the unplanned holidays are simply the best because there is no pressure to do anything. God Bless your heart. Love G&Gxxoo

  2. we loved having you here!!! every minute of it.... especially to have someone to help me calm down in the stressful times heehee :) and especially all the times that you made us laugh... we r so lucky to have you! love you xoxo mama guigue and the 3 little pigs ;)


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