And here I thought Air Canada was the worst....

It's midnight. I flew from Montreal to Paris, walked around for a few minutes, then flew from Paris to Antananarivo (and boy are my arms tired. wah wah!). Tomorrow morning I'll leave the hotel at 06h00 and get back into Tamatave, back to camp.

I am officially declaring my hatred for Air France. The agent service on ground is awful, they are always A MINIMUM of two hours late (when there are no poor weather conditions), and continually have strikes.

Compared to most of my collegues, I've had the best and easiest experiences with Air France.

Our September rotation, AF was late and Louis missed his connection, forcing him to stay a day in Paris.
November rotation, there was a strike and we had to book with Swiss Air and spend an night in Johannesburg.
This rotation, AF flight was late and Louis missed his connection again. The connection times range between 2.5 and 4 hours. PLENTY of time.

A friend of mine's luggage has been lost THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES. It was later found, but it's such a stressful thing to go through....waiting and wondering...

Tonight, we got SUPER snotty service from AF check in staff, took off an hour late, and landed over an hour late. Ok, not a big deal. Things happen, right? But EVERY single time?

I'm getting a little sick of the international travel. It's probably because I've flown to Canada four times this year (min 30 hours in air) but I've just had enough of it. Bad service, bad food, unreliable service....Urgh. I am so done with Air France.


  1. sorry to hear AF couldn't redeem themselves!
    Safe trip home when you get there :)
    love, mom


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