Singing (and running) in the Rain

It's been like, a REALLY long time since I've said this or felt like this, but, I LOVE RUNNING.
When so many things in my life feel out of control or chaotic, I can go for a run. When I'm feeling blue, I can go for a run.

Tonight's run almost didn't happen because last week I took a pretty good sized chunk off of my big toe and it hasn't totally healed (I hope you weren't eating breakfast or anything...). But I thought it would be ok, and off I went. I had to stop once to get a plastic bag to keep my iTouch from getting soaking wet.

It started raining so hard that I couldn't see properly. I had less and less area to run because it was puddle after puddle - or more like a group of puddles forming a mini-lake.

And cause I haven't taken any pictures lately, I tried to capture just how soaking wet I was. (Anyone who has lived with me is going to love the first one).
 That shirt is a few shades lighter when it's not drenched.

The pictures might not show it, but I am just as wet as if I would have jumped in the pool. Since it's summer, it's kind of a warm rain. And the run did me good.

I don't entirely know if I'm cut out for the contract line of work....but since I'm just a baby-expat, maybe I'll get used to it. My moods change from "OMG I'm never going to find a job and I suck" to "Things are totally going to work out and I'll find somewhere that makes me happy". Nothing better than a little bi-polarism.

In the meantime, I look forward to more runs in the rain.