Taking a crap with words

Yes, that's classy. I feel like I have all these things to say but don't know how to organize them, so I'm just dumping everything I feel like into a point form post. I used to find writing in my blog cathartic, so here goes:
  • Since moving back into the camp, I haven't figured out how to upload pictures onto my blog. This frustrates me, because photo-journaling stuff was kind of neat hobby when I felt like it. Every Sunday I wake up hours before Louis, and it's been very frustrating to screw around with my computer to try and fix it.
  • I had like one of the worst mornings ever. By 08h00 I was wishing it was 22h00 and I was in bed. Somehow I managed to get through the day, laugh more than once, and get work done. This is a miracle.
  • The four stalls in the bathroom in my work building today were all working. This happens maybe 20% of the time. I don't know when I'll learn to check if there is toilet paper and running water BEFORE I go.
  • I found a job that I want here and I like REALLY want it. I should know more by Wednesday. It's one of those crappy situations where really I don't have a clue if I'll get it or not but I'm PERFECT for the job and it's PERFECT for my career goals.
  • The heat is so intense today. It feels like I'm standing beside a dryer vent.
  • It rains a lot lately at night. Like SUPER loud and the noise is very calming.
  • I ordered three seasons of Breaking Bad and a friend delivered them from his latest trip to Canada. Breaking Bad is the only TV show I can admit that I watch without embarassement. I watch A LOT of crappy tv shows.
  • I am almost out of almond butter. Monday to Friday Louis and I have almond butter with toast. Don't mess with my morning routine. It's like, one of the most annoying things. There is peanut butter here sometimes, but I think the ratio is 70% peanuts, 10% oil, 19% sugar, 1% unknown. It has Arabic writing and it scares me.
  • It's my birthday on Friday and I don't want to celebrate it unless I have a contract. I'm not sure when my self-worth got tied to the fact of me having a new contract or not, but it sucks. I think I need to get some shock therapy or something to kick these stupid thoughts.
  • Running in 29*C/42*C (with humidex) is like TOUGH. But since I've decided to climb a freaking mountain in Feb, I can't give up.
  • I hope to have access to put up pictures soon.
  • I hope I find out that I got that job on Wednesday morning (or sooner)
  • I hope I find out when my grandparents are back from Mexico because it feels like a month since they've been gone.
  • I don't know what the hell this Instagram thing is but I feel like SO out of the loop.
  • I need to go bed, after I change out of my soaking wet running clothes.
  • Oh, and if you haven't watched Stepbrothers, with Will Farrell, you are missing out. If you have watched it and you don't like it...I don't know that we could be friends in real life. :P