Hotel Snobbery :P

Yes, there are times where, I AM A COMPLETE PRINCESS. I can also handle dirt and stuff, but when it comes to hotels, I am a bit...ahem...picky. First, having a travel allowance that must be spent on accomodation or transport (we lose any of the balance we don't use) and growing up with a father working in the hotel industry makes me a bit of a...well, like I said, hotel princess.

Given that my next vacation starts in 4.5 days, I have a bit of tunnel vision. I can't stop thinking about it. I looked up pictures of the hotels today. Wow. A fabulous start and then extreme steady decline.

Hotel in Dubai (two nights)

 Hotel in Abu Dhabi (I had to drop down to a 3* hotel. Hotel costs in UAE are PRICEY!)
But still, doesn't look too terrible?
The moving on to Nairobi. A pretty nice hotel.

And then, the hike begins with a night at this hotel:
Ok, a bit understated, but nothing terrible.
And moving on to this "hotel" for two nights. Swanky!I'll be sharing this room with a cook, a guide, and a guy that helps carry our stuff. Cosy.
 And then, our last night we get to stay at this gem:


BUT, I have a feeling that by that time, I really won't care WHERE I sleep because I'll be so tired from the hike.

I think this vacation is going to be crazy interesting.