In Nairobi with lots to say

I was so super excited to start my "wedding" posts yesterday. They'll be a little sporadic and mixed in with everything else, and I haven't had a chance to go through all of the pictures.

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Nairobi right now. I made the mistake and read some "travel advisories" before coming here and now I'm paranoid. Also, I had some problems with this hotel and made some complaints, the complaints got escalated so now I have some free nights on my way back and two managers helped me check in and took me to my room. It's awkward.

Also, last night I got some un-fantabulous news about a friend's family member that is fighting cancer...and as a result I think I slept two hours last night. With that amount of sleep, I'm not a totally functionning person.

I got dropped off at the airport this morning, and I couldn't beleive that Emirates has it's own terminal!! My ticket is business class, and I couldn't get over how huge and pretty everything was. So pretty, that I forgot that I was holding onto my passport and boarding pass AND I DROPPED IT ON THE GROUND WITHOUT REALIZING IT. It wasn't until I went to security that I realized I didn't have it. I have this stupid purse that has nineteen pockets in it, and I had to dump out my purse. I was so confused. I'm super tired and like I said, not a totally functionning person. Finally I decided to re-trace my steps. I must have looked like a confused idiot because this nice man said, "Are you looking for your passport? I gave it to the Check In Desk." I must have thanked him thirty times...and I was so embarrased.

Unfortunately, I tend to do things like this all the I'm not sure why I'm surprised.

When I got to the Business Lounge I found out THEY HAVE A SPA INSIDE THE LOUNGE. Services cost extra....but don't mind if I do have a massage before I get on the plane! I sorta felt like a movie star.

I need to remember that I should not be allowed a window seat when I'm travelling by myself. I get up between 3-6 times during the flight. The guy next to me was already annoyed because I got up 3 times before take off, and managed to spill a half a glass of wine onto his table, seat, and part of is iPad. I'm not sure how he felt when I had to climb over him after he fell asleep. The seats recline very far, and I had to do some serious acrobatics each time I got up. One time when I came back to my seat, I accidentally knocked out his plug in for his iPad that he was charging. I bent down to plug it in, but I knocked it under HIS seat and it was too far for me to reach. So I had to put my seat all the way back up, climb onto the floor on my hands and knees, all while trying not to wake up him, and stretch my arms as far as possible to reach the stupid plug in.

I was nervous to get picked up because I feel like this is the first "real" trip where I'm totally by myself. I had arranged a car from the hotel, which made me feel better. The people here drive INSANE. Somehow 4 lanes of traffic jam into a 3 lane road. My driver wasn't making me feel very comfortable, I had trouble understanding his accent, he was listening to gangsta rap, and then HE GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT. It was technically the other person's fault, and was just a dent and a scratch, but I wasn't thrilled. I think it took us 45 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic before getting to the hotel.

Whew. Glad I got that all out. I'm off to try and pack for tomorrow and figure out how to not be so nervous about this stupid mountain climb.