Next stop: Dubai

Yesterday Louis and I had a cool day in Paris. We couldn't really think of anything to do, so we went to a touristy kind of district recommended by a friend. It's around 0*C, so we were a little chilly (again, YES, this makes me feel less like a Canadian!!). After walking around for five or six hours we went for a nice Valentine's Day dinner (thanks grandma and grandpa! We got to use the gift/supper money you gave us for Christmas!). The food wasn't fantastic, but it was a neat place.

Oh - and Paris - seriously - can you guys quit being so rude? I wanted to slap at least three people working in the shops - they were shockingly rude at times. I'm slow and I walk around my merry way like I'm in Canada - and I'm not. Whatevs.

I'm pretty sure I took some good pictures, but we are just about to get ready to catch our plane. To Dubai!!! We are so excited.

(All but for one thing. We have to take this plane that has two levels. I can't figure out why but this freaks me out!!!)