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Ein Tag in der Stadt (A day in the City)

As I've mentioned before, Louis and I are trying different routes to fly out of Madagascar to avoid Paris. Paris (and Air France) continually gives us mega grief when it comes to connecting flights and lost baggage. Plus to make a huge generalization, Paris people are cranky and snobby. There, I said it. I'm sure there are some nice people...I just haven't met them yet.

This time we flew Tana - Johannesburg - Frankfurt - Montreal and then in reverse (although we had a little detour because of the "Passport Forgetting" incident).

We had six or seven hours to spend in Frankfurt so we found a tourist booth and figured out how to get to town. It was super simple, cheap, and easy to find. Normally, I freak out with local trains and busses and I find them extremely confusing (although I think this has a lot to do with jetlag), but even I could figure these ones out.

The weather was quite cold and I wasn't dressed properly. I ended up looking mega cool and pulling…

Las Vegas - Bellagio Fountains and The Paris Hotel

I have been to Vegas a few times, but haven't had a chance to really explore the city. I always thought Las Vegas was all about the gambling and I never had any real desire to go. I went a few years ago and realized that you don't have to drink (although I did A LOT this trip) or gamble, there is just really a million things to see and do.

On my last full day of my Las Vegas trip, we decided to just explore the city a bit. In the evening we ended up at the Bellagio Hotel, just in time for the fountain show.

I have a really hard time figuring out my camera with these light none of the pictures are that great, but seeing the fountain show was awesome.

Across the street was the Paris Hotel and someone had the bright idea to go to the restaurant inside the "Eiffel Tower"
Before riding the elevator up to the restaurant, we were told there was a dress code and the boys had to wear pants. Not to fret, they would lend us some. (I Loved this SO MUCH!)
I took …