BOO for Growers' Direct and!!!

When I was in Canada, I picked up some small gifts and Mother's Day cards to mail.

I even went to the post office and got stamps.

I even addressed them.

And then I brought them to Madagascar.

I could have put them through the shipment we send to our Toronto office each week...actually, I did!! But I did I guess they'll be a little late.

Anyway, I thought it would be a nice idea for my mom, my grandmother, and Louis' mom to get a simple bouquet of flowers the Friday before Mother's Day.

My mom got her order, no problem. I'm not even sure what company I used, but I saw a picture and they looked perfect!

Louis' mom got her flowers too! The card was supposed to read (in French), "Happy Mother's Day! We love you!! Louis, Claudie, Laurie, Maggie, and Nicole. xoxo".

Maggie (the dog) and myself got left off of the card. Not a big deal...but when you factor in the ridiculous delivery charges...kind of a big deal. So when sent me a "How did we do" questionnaire, I completed it honestly. Which resulted in a calling my mother-in-law and leaving a very long message on her answering machine. IN ENGLISH. SHE IS FRENCH, which would have been fairly evident by the order that I placed. In French. (She says not to worry about it, and roughly translated, Stay peaceful and smiling).

I'll get over it, but I don't think Maggie ever will.

Onto my own grandmother. For no particular reason at all, I used Grower's Direct. I thought, You know what? I'm sure they are like crazy busy on Mother's why don't I have them delivered on a Friday.

They have yet to be delivered.

Since I live 15000km away, I sent a complaint via email. NOTHING.

Finally today, on a very distorted, unclear phone conversation (phone reception here has sucked lately, I thought it would get better after cyclone season!!), managed to tell her the order was not received. "Oh, can I call you back?". Um. No. I don't have a number that you can call me back on because I'm not receiving a call five hours from now when I'm sleeping. (They took my email).

Obviously, this is a bigger issue to me than anyone else. I know my grandma isn't upset about it and I know Louis' mom isn't upset about it (although perhaps confused with the English message on her answering machine).

I'm not like falling on the floor crying about it (although I think some people in my office are today - that's unrelated), but it's a pretty big piss off when I order something, simple, regular on-line and I get this kind of customer service. I'm (obviously) a big on-line shopper, and more often than not when I've had a problem, I've received phenomenal customer service. (Okay, except with Intrepid Travel - they were horrendous, which is dissapointing because I had wanted to use them in the future again.)

Anyway, just a random compliant. (Hey! If I'm complaining about a stupid thing like rotation must be a lot better!!!)