It Ain't Italy without a Guido

I tried on my cycling jersey this morning and it really made me excited for June 3rd.

Two Sundays from now, I'll start on my Italian Biking Adventure.

I haven't been on an actual bicycle since July 2009. (I'm borrowing a bike for a few hours when I'm in Belgium next week).

I've done a total of 72.02 training km.

The trip itself is 165km.

I'm not doing anything like biking, running, or anything terribly strenous until June 3rd as my knee is sore. I'm a loser and ignored it and kept on cycling even though it's been bugging me since my bright Mount Kenya idea.

Yesterday, I emailed one of the guides, gave him my background, and was sort of relieved with his response:

"From what you've said about your cycling experience, it sounds like you are well within the bell curve of our typical groups.  Piedmont is quite hilly, but it's very scenic as well and we stop to take photos, have coffee breaks, great lunches, winetastings etc. So the pace over the course of the normal ride is not terribly strenuous.  For stronger riders (I know we'll have at least one) we offer daily extra rides and that's when the pace picks up.  On the normal rides we probably average 10 mph..."

Ok! I think I can do that. Although during my training, I've been doing an average pace of 17km/hr, but that's with the stationary bike, put on the highest "hill" setting that I can manage. I think "the bell curve" comment means, yah, I'll be at the back of the pack, but NBD. I also like the "stop to take photos...winetastings, etc..."

As far as my knee? I'm just resting it. I'll try some restorative yoga tonight, just because I really got in a routine of working out with Louis and I really like it. Although...I may do yoga at home because I'm not totally comfortable yogaing in front of other people. My knee doesn't hurt much, I'm sure it will be tender after bike rides, HOWEVER, I've lucked out: every hotel has a spa, and even better two hotels are known for their natural hot springs.

Last week we got an email with our guide's names. One is Guido. Like, wouldn't it be less of an Italian experience of the guides names were James and Timothy?


  1. take care of that knee, so you can enjoy the wine and pic stops :)


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