I made a stupid move. A very green, a very what-the-hell-was-I-thinking move. I had two white bras. And a few bras in other colors. Then I made the stupid mistake of leaving one bra in Quebec, so that I would have one less thing to pack for rotations back to Canada.

I thought that would be okay. I don't NEED two.

Except - for EVERY article of clothing that I really like or wear frequently - I make sure that I have two.
Firstly, because the housekeepers have a very good track record of frequently ruining clothing.
Secondly, because everything gets "lost" here.

So...WHY did I forget this?!?! I've alerted the authorities. The person in charge has spoke to me about it. Since moving back into the camp, I've been vocal about any bigger problems. As such, they will be re-pay me for the cost of my bra. Which is great. Unfortunately, MG is a little short on La Senzas and Victoria Secrets.


  1. I packed one in your stuff going to Montreal but I guess that doesn't help you now does it. Sorry for your loss. I guess your braless until you get to Italy. Oh Oh. Love G&Gxxoo


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