Oh what a horrible problem to have...

I think I'm some kind of travel planning addict. All of my 2012 travel is planned and booked, and I'm moving onto 2013. (I'm trying to take the possibility of my contract not being renewed out of this equation which is next to impossible).

My rotations dates fall end of January and end of March. For my March vacation, I've already decided to go to London and then onto Russia with a friend. For my January vacation, I'm at a bit of a loss.

1. Canada is very cold in January and I am VERY not used to it anymore. I know, I know, I sound pathetic, but seriously? The dry and the cold is like a gazillion times tougher on me than I ever could have imagined.
2. I wouldn't have seen my family since September 2012. If I didn't come home in January, I won't see them until May 2013. That's 8ish months. I've done that long before (I think), but I'd need to figure out how I can still feel a bit more connected to Canada than I currently do. I've really reverted to emailing everyone rather than calling, and while it's made a HUGE difference in coping with homesickness, it leaves me feeling a bit disconnected.
3. Even if my contract is renewed, I'd have a MAXIMUM of one more year of travel. These travel opportunities are a pretty crazy benefit.
4. I wouldn't have had a vacation with my husband since July 2012. That's 10 months. We see each other every day, but it's nice (and a super treat) to spend time together when we're not here.

At first I had just decided I would go to Canada. Then I started to think about the weather, the limited amount of travel time I have left, and then just how much easier and enjoyable travelling to Canada is when weather isn't a factor. I absolutely have fallen in love with cycling vacations - which made me think about doing a cycling tour in Vietnam. Then I really started to think about India. India's been on my mind, but I just have so many mixed feelings about it. There are the super rich and the super poor and well, leaving a country of chaos to vacation in another country of chaos....isn't apealing. In Edmonton I loved yoga classes so I started to look at yoga vacations in India. That would be a crazy freaking amazing vacation (the yoga part wouldn't be the entire vacation, just a part of it). But then back to Canada. I miss my family and friends. I miss Canadian things. I miss seeing places that I'm familiar with (even if I don't always feel like I fit in like I used to). Vacations are crazy amazing and my travelling time (or at least paid travelling time) is limited, but missing out on family/friend time is pretty valueable. I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll need a warm vacation. Maybe I'll just need to be brave and bear the cold. I'll try not to think too much about something that really doesn't matter.