Cool Off Time

So that meltdown I was talking about. It was just kinda stupid. Where to begin...

Oh, I know! I DON'T LIKE HIKING. It's all great to get out, and walk and stuff, but it bores me to death. I love the things that I see while hiking, but I just think it's like...I don't know. Painful almost. (Which again makes my Mount Kenya adventure sound even more stupid).

The Isalo hike sounded like fun. Okay, no, it did not sound like fun, but the things that we were going to see and do sounded like fun. The last hike we did was in Ranomafana Park and I wore long pants and my hiking shoes. I was super uncomfortable and hot. So for this hike, I decided to a skort (I hate that word) and what I refer to as my "grandma sandals". They are kind of like hiking sandals, that I bought last year when I was in Tofino, but look like something that a grandma would wear.

The hike started off pretty early, so I made sure to drink enough coffee. Off we went. You can see the majority of the pictures here.

One of our stops was at this small little pool. It was supppper cold and there was no way that I was going in. There were quite a few girls that went in, but we were happy  just climbing on the rocks.
There was a very entertaining Italian lady that took her time getting in and out, putting on a big show for everyone. :)
Near the half way point (where I posted a picture of the four of us), I started to slow down. My grandma sandals are too wide for me, and they don't hold my feet well enough. Also, the hike started to be less and less on the dirt, and more and more on solid rock or pieces of rock. It involved either a lot of going up or going down. My feet would slide around in my shoes, and I wasn't in a rush, so I just went slow. I didn't think much of it, until Louis said something to the effect that we should go hiking more often, because it was obvious that I needed training for it. Now...I don't know if it's because it was near the end of the vacation, or I was tired, or pre-moon time, but this comment offended me. Who was he to tell me that I wasn't a good "hiker"? (Although it's true because if I went more often I would have known what shoes to wear and I would also feel less uncomfortable in the trickier spots. I was nervous that I would slip and fall a lot). Ok, so that annoyed me. I kept walking at my slower pace. The girls stayed up front with the guides and Louis and I walked at my pace.

We found a bathroom area and we stopped for a break. Still overreacting from Louis' innocent comment, I told him that I didn't want him to walk with me because I was holding the group up. He refused until I told him to go ahead and join the girls...oh...six or seven times. (I'm guessing that I was pretty annoying at that point). The girls were confused and wondered why I was walking alone, so at our next rest stop, Louis came up with the idea that I would lead the group, and they would follow my pace.

Well now I'm just embarrassed. I'm a slow hiker with a fast group and they have to slow down just for me. Major ego-moment. We were just about to start a slippery and harder part of the hike. I behaved like a very stupid child. I went in front and instead of walking a normal pace, I walked (or ran?) the same pace at the guide, which was extremely fast. So fast that no one else could keep up with me. I left Louis and the girls long behind. I climbed as fast as I possible could, I scraped my arms, knees and legs on all of the rocks, and I was scared sh*tless half the time because we were walking on very steep, narrow, and wet paths. Even worse, I couldn't stop to take pictures.

I got to the natural pools and waterfalls a good ten minutes before the girls and Louis and I was PISSED OFF. First he insults my hiking and then he forces me to hike this crazy, slippery, rock-falling trail so fast that I can't even take pictures and I nearly kill myself???

Yeah. It was one of those, "I'm crazy but I don't know it" days. I'm sure we've all had one. Or thirty-six. In one week. Whatever.

So the girls changed into their swimsuits, with a promise from Louis that he would jump in after them.
 The water was cold.

I was still having my temper tantrum moment, so I sat aside. And took pictures. And froze. And watched Louis try to somehow get out of his promise to jump in.
And finally got so fed up of waiting for Louis to jump in the water, that I took off my shirt and jumped in.

IT WAS COLD. (But I obviously needed some cooling off.)

But now...Louis was screwed. He HAD to jump in.
And he did. And it was cold. Like change-your-voice-three-octaves cold.

And then we walked back, partially together, partially not, and then I apologized, explained my irrational temper-tantrum, and life went back to normal. With the exception of being absolutely freaking freezing.

We got back to the hotel and tried to warm up. We were all pretty beat, but decided to play a friendly game of UNO and drink tea. Yup, I know how to live it up!

Next morning - wake up time of 06h30 and driving to Tulear.  It should be a law, NO EARLY MORNINGS ON VACATION!!!!


  1. Oh Nicole, Isn't married life just a series of compromises. Good job. You got over it without causing yourself serious injury.Nice pics. Love G&G xxoo


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