Trip Parts 1 to 4

For future reference (mine a well), I've divided the trip (and my future posts) into 4 different trips.
I haven't posted any of my vacation posts in order, so until I'm finished this will always be the first post you see on my blog.

Trip #1

On this part of the trip, we flew from Tamatave to Tana, had an appointment with a local jeweler and designed our own jewelry, and then flew to Morondava.

Then, we visited Baobab Alley, spent the night at Camp Amoureux (eek). The next morning we drove to Bemaraha Park, where we spent the night at Vazimba Hotel. The next morning we took a quick tour along the Manambolo River and then finished the very long drive back to Morondava.

Trip #2

This was the adventourous part of our trip. We took a very early morning flight from Morondava to Tana, then drive from Tana to Anstirabe and spent the night at the Royal Hotel. The next morning we took a tour of Antsirabe town and drove to Ranomafana Park. We spent the night at Setam Lodge and hiked in Ranomafana National Park.  We then drove to Isalo Park, where we stayed at the spectacular Jardin Du Roi Hotel. In Isalo Park, we did a great hike, a very swim, and then drove from Isalo Park to Tulear.

Trip #3

We flew from Tulear to Tana, spent the night, got up mega early the next morning, flew to Nosy Be, then drove to Andilana Beach, where we spent an awesome four nights. That's right FOUR. We were supposed to spend three, but I'll write about that in section #4.

Trip #4