All Growed Up

Some guestimate statistics (if that even makes sense?) for this project

Average age of expatriate: 42
% of expatriates under 35: 20%
% of expat friends over 49: 80%

I have the odd expat friend that's the same age as me, but for the most part? My friends are significantly older than me. Which isn't a problem. And it's to the point where most of the time, I don't even notice it. It was a bit different in the beginning, but now, I don't really notice it. The main divider is MUSIC. I often catch myself saying, Oh! My dad had this record!, or Oh, my grandparents listen to this song!

Last night at our BBQ, everyone was having a good time, a few drinks, some burgers, the music is playing, and then I get my trusty iTouch and play a song I want Louis to hear.

The first song, everyone politely listened.
The second song, Louis told me that this was Claudie's favorite song (she is 14...)
Third song, *Insert crickets chirping*

Ooohhhhhhhkaaaayyyyyyyyyy.....guess not everyone can truly appreciate Payphone by Maroon Five.
And I think there was a few, "Who didn't get a babysitter and had to bring their kid to the party?!" glances my way. Oh well.


  1. I love this post....and the songs you mentioned. I am kinda music junkie and like all kinds of music, new, old....but not you know what.....your some cross over stuff but....not in my iphone!
    love, mom


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