More complaining

This weekend we are moving back to our old “villa”.

If I haven’t explained how our oh-so-fancy “villas” work, they are a large duplex. Each side has been divided into four private rooms and one common area. The common area has a couch, loveseat, coffee table, dining table, sink, cubbords, fridge, and water cooler. We aren’t supposed to cook, but in the very first villa I lived in I had we had purchased our own microwave. Each private room has a desk, bed, and bathroom.

Louis and I lived seperately until late 2010 when we got the chance to move into the village for “a few months”. The village is made up of large houses and duplexes. We had our own duplex, which looks like a real house. We ended up staying there over a year, which was awesome, and then we got moved back to the camp. We knew it was a temporary thing, so we were just happy that we got to live there for so long.

Since we’ve moved back to the camp, we keep having this carrot dangling in front of us. “Maybe” we’ll be moved into the couples’ units that are inside the camp. Instead of the duplex divided into four, it’s divided into 2. So I guess they are four-plexes now. They don’t have a shared common area and have a small kitchen. Every so often someone from management would bring it up, and we would patiently wait. Unless a few weeks ago. Louis sent out an email, basically asking, WTF is going on with the couples’ units? (We’ve been waiting for 6 months). We got a “We never promised you anything, and we’ll keep you in mind for future couples’ units”. Um. Yeah.

First, we didn’t ASK for the couples’ units, we were told about them, and told MULTIPLE times that we should be able to have one. “Should be” are the key words. After we got the email response with the “We’ll keep you in mind”, I responded with a quick to the point, “Will we or won’t we get one?” Finally I got the truth - and - no, we will not get one.

There are currently five couples’ units. Three of them are occupied by Directors. One of them is occupied by a non-rotational expat. I’m not sure who occupies the fifth. One of the Directors’ wife regularly visits him in Madagascar, so I can kind of get it. And while I do understand the “if one director gets something so should the others”, but…well, it’s annoying.

Honestly, our little set up that we have with two rooms works fine for me. We set it up nice and we have a cool roomate. But the way that this all went down, on top of a number of other things, pisses me off.
Morale on this project is dropping FAST. I’m lucky to have a good boss. I’m lucky that I only have MY frustrations and not the frustrations that other people have. But the morale thing is getting a little depressing. I would guess that 80% of the people are stressed, pissed off, and possibly job-hunting.

I didn’t start this blog to complain, but it’s so frustrating at the moment. I’m not sure if this is regular growing pains of a start up project, but, it’s frustrating. Really looking forward to vacation.