Job Status: Employed

Although this “permit” thing has everything up in the air, I still have a job. And, if the permit thing doesn’t come through, it’s most likely to effect me next rotation, not this one.

ASSUMING the worst, most likely, I will come back from vacation, continue to work, and it will be in October or November that the job “temporary holds” will start for me.

Since I am essentially the biggest spazz in the world, you’d think that I would be freaking out? But…I’m not really. All I can freak out about is the five days until I’m on a plane to Frankfurt. I love Frankfurt.
And when I come back, there may be a chance that I will have an extended holiday. I already have my flight and trip for China paid for in November, so I will most likely stay here, do the China thing, and then instead of flying back to Canada from Hong Kong, I’ll fly back to Canada. Again, this is all just a guestimation. It’s totally possible that we’ll get the permit. This is just…my non-spazztic back-up plan.
Meanwhile, work right now is going so-so. It’s a little hard to continue to do audits and find all kinds of problems when…everyone is so preoccupied. But I certainly have a lot of work to do, so at least that’s keeping me busy.