Today's Update

Well, things are either going to get very interesting here, or, life will be totally back to normal.
Yesterday the media/employee announcement came out. The national staff is worried. There are expected to be protests, etc, but again with those types of things my biggest problem in ME because I just can’t help but freak out whenever they happen - regardless if I’m with Louis, or in a secure camp, or that they have additional security, etc, etc.

I guess for me to be able to be less scared during protests/strikes, I need practice to conquer the fear.
Regardless of me getting a little jumpy, I’m safe. We have enough groceries to last us until we leave for vacation and we don’t have any plans to go into town. Our company charter lands on the plant site, we quickly get transfered to the Tana airport, and then we’re out.

I’ve been asked (and asked myself) if we will lose our jobs, and while it’s a possibility, it is the absolute last resort. Over six billion dollars has been invested in this project, and no one is ready to walk away. However, if a permit isn’t received by early next week, the hydrogen plant will shut down, a week later the refinery will have to shut down, and so forth. The permit issue has been going on since June and it blows my mind how crazy this freaking country is