What I did When I Grew Up

I’ve had a few people ask me just what it is a do for a living.
Politically correct version: I create a plan to audit/investigate all areas that present a high reputational risk or a high monetary risk.

Reputational: Department X deals with the local community. I’ve heard that Department X has many corrupt staff with serious conflicts of interest. I have interviews, I research, I look over supporting documentation (or the lack of), I look to see that processes are followed, and then make a lovely report.
Monetary Risk: Inventory kept on the plantsite isn’t tracked or counted properly. Therefore, the project doesn’t have the inventory when its needed, and they have to buy more to replace the inventory that is somewhere where they can’t find it or because it was stolen.

These are two basic examples. In many cases the procedure was never formally set up so it is a freaking party!!

ANYWHERE in the world, there is a lot of fraudulant activity. In Madagascar, there is A LOT A LOT A LOT. Shit happens. Shit also keeps me busy, confused, and frustrated. I’d like to fix all of this stuff, but at the moment, I just identify/prove that sh8t’s goin’ down!

And that’s me. Pretty boring to the average person. Most exciting and cool job I’ve ever seen or probably will experience in my career.