Almost back @ work

The last day (or two days? I can't keep track here!) seem to have gone by in a blur. Thankfully I checked our itinerary late Sunday night or we would have missed our flight. I'm not sure why we both thought we were leaving Tuesday, but we were WRONG!

Monday was spent finishing errands; Tuesday we landed in Munich, rented a car and drove to Austria for lunch (I have great pictures! It is so beautiful there!! I totally wanted to get on top of a hill and yodell but we ran out of time); flew to Johannesburg; saw a doctor in Joberg (wasn't able to get specialist appointment in Canada during my 2 week vacation, so our medical provider set me up something here. Joberg may be a poor country, but wow, if you can pay for it - their medical system is amazing. If you can't pay for it...well...that's another story entirely). Back from the doctor's and tests and waiting for the tiredness to set in. We leave for Tana tomorrow morning.

What a crazy rotation!


  1. It was crazy for you but very wonderful for us all to see you again. Travel safe LoveG&G xxoo


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