Change of Travel Plans

But not big ones!! I have a meeting in Tana on Tuesday morning, so I'm leaving Tamatave on Monday afternoon!

I'm taking the 16h30 company charter, then I'll go to the (urgh) hotel, and at 19h00, I'll be met by a lovely lady whose name I don't know, but runs a small business called "Precious". I went there on vacation last time, and I was so impressed. I guess I think I'm a millionaire, because I wanted a pair of earrings to wear to the wedding that I'm going to the weekend after next (OMG!!).

I've emailed her the design and color of stone that I want, and I'm really testing her skills right now. It's a bit of a complicated design, I've been pretty specific about the color, and I'm very excited to see what she's bringing me. It only sorta sucks that I'll be able to wear any jewelry I've ever bought for like...the three or four weeks every year when I'm in Canada...but oh, well.

I'll have a meeting early Tuesday, then go to the airport and fly to Joberg. I cannot wait. Actually, for some reason I always really hate the flight to Joberg, so what I really cannot wait for is the flight to Frankfurt. Where I can pretend I speak German by reading the subtitles and where I can sleep, or watch TV, or a movie....and where there's no such thing in my vocabulary as "permit".