Driving Miss Daisy Myself...

It's amazing how a little GPS device and a couple of hours running errands on my own can make me feel like a real person again. Not one that's always asking, Can we go here? When can we go there? Can we do this? When can we do this? Louis graciously drove me all around the last time I was here, but all of his errands, plus my errands, plus cheer/violin/tumbling/swimming/etc/etc/etc were a little much.

Today I went for a coffee, then to Canadian Tire to return something (and spoke French!! I know I speak French like more than 50% of the time but I get so nervous here!), went to Walmart (surprise), to the Post Office, the pharmacy, AND the grocery store! Normally this wouldn't be like, such a big deal, but independance is wonderful!!!!

My little doggy friend follows me around and it's so.freaking.cute. She's not the brightest so she gets the odd kick in the head when I'm putting my jeans on or something like that, but she'll get over it.

My cough is alllllllllmost leaving, also contributing to a sort of normal, un-crying mood (geez the first day I got here was rough. I am a monster when I don't sleep enough!!!). Also...I just read on Facebook that my friend who is battling cancer is having some amazing results. I'm always tempted to say, I knew it. I just felt that he wouldn't die. I knew that something would come through. And while I've always felt that (and that's when I was like, destroyed, when I heard that he got the "there's nothing more we can do" speach), but I don't think he's out of the woods enough for me to say it. I honestly cannot imagine how that family gets through it, other than....they just have no choice. I am so thankful that he has such a strong group of family and friends that are helping them get through this. This will still be a long battle, but they will win.

It still kind of makes me laugh sometimes how....like, "off" my reactions are. I can be in Nairobi, where before you enter the parking lot for any hotel, your car is checked for bombs and you walk through a metal detector before enterting the actual hotel. I'll go shopping by myself, stand out like a (very tall) sore thumb. I'll drive hours to the middle of nowhere and walk around the streets in the town surrounding Mt Kenya and never ONCE panic or get overwhelmed. It's like normal. But, missing a turn on my way home??? AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! Can't figure out how to get back on the highway? FREAK OUT!!! FREAK OUT!!! CALL LOUIS PANICKING!!!

Even today, it was like, a "Ok, I am going to do this today" kind of thing going on in my head. I had to like, pump myself up to go driving in a small city outside Montreal. But throw me into a chaotic-no rules-everyone-pushing airport in Madagascar, I'm cool. Calm. (Well, I'm probably hot and sweaty, but I'm sure that my blood pressure is lower than driving in Montreal). No real like, "problem" with this, just kind of a funny thing...how things in life can really pull a 180 on ya.


  1. Thank goodness for 180 for K's family and for your driving. Go Miss Nicole. Love G xo


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