My cough is still kind of running my life and it better be gone soon. Good old regular Buckleys, drunk out of the bottle in the parking lot seemed to help a lot. (For some reason the "nighttime" cough medicine creeps me out because I feel like I'm some kind of zombie). That is my exciting life.

I really, really, really need to either practice driving more often or calm down. Maybe a bit of both. I DO NOT like driving in Montreal. I think it was the day in general that helped end things in tears, but the getting lost for over an hour certainly was the breaking point.

I was happy to see the girls (well, technically I only saw one because the other one is having a bad day and locked herself in her room. I don't miss being a teenager AT ALL) and of course, my little dog friend Maggie. She was happy to see me and follows me around wherever I go. We were playing last night and I kinda forgot that I'm like, half allergic to dogs/cats (sometimes I don't notice anything, sometimes I break out in hives. We were goofing around, which quickly turned into "OMG, my eyes are red and swollen and on fire". Not a good way to end my night. She's so adorable and we were cuddling on the couch this morning, but that + my cough....I guess we should stay at leash's distance from one another.

Louis has a gazillion errands to run and I may be brave enough to break out the GPS and go to a mall in a nearby city (we have malls but not the store that I need). I think this is going to be the most boring....but awesome day.


  1. Oh my! You are having a really hard time. Did you try a antihistamin yet?I hope your better before you go back. Have a brave shopping day. Love G@Gxxoo


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