Travel Mess

I haven't kept track of the number of times that I've done this back and forth trip, but I'm always amazed by just how FAR I am from Canada and how long it takes to get there.

1 hour flight from Tamatave to Tana
3 hour 40 minute flight from Tana to Joberg (really, really don't like this flight, I'm not sure why)
11 hour and 5 minute flight from Joberg to Frankfurt (we only have a 3 hour layover and I'm *really* hoping everything is on time so that I can have a shower!)
7 hour and 40 minute flight to Montreal

Going to Canada isn't so bad because we're soooo super excited. HOWEVER, I'm still a jetlag baby. While Louis gets tired can be average-cranky, I get nauseous and can't eat much (three days later I'm starving all day long for 2 days), I get to the point where if I'm walking or shopping, I feel like I cannot take one.more.step. Last Christmas I remember carrying some bags into my rental apartment and I had to lean against the wall for five minutes before I could carry on feet more.

I also get WAY too oversensitive and WAY too emotional. The emotional part is usually on the way back when I really haven't had any sleep (which also coincides with Louis' crankiest time. Yes, I am that girl that fights/cries at her husband in the middle of the airport. It's not pretty).

The best part about travelling with me is that I am bi-polar. I can be found scowling or bouncing-off-the-walls-giggling-at-anything. My talents include pretending to speak German or speaking French like someone that lives in a rural part of Quebec. If we go outside for Louis to have a smoke (I know...he's still smoking), I will run laps with my backpack on to try and get some exercise. I am sooooooo cool when I travel. Also, my lovely husband just told me that when I travel, I dress like I'm ready to go and mow the lawn. It took a lot of courage to say that, and the only really annoying part is that he told me after two years of travelling together. I also wear my travel clothes to get groceries, watch Claudie's cheer, I would have liked a, "Hey, baby? Your outfit kinda makes you look homeless." a little earlier, but...well, it's a pretty risky move at any point in the relationship. Although I would agree I do look pretty.....rustic, I'm dressed for comfort. Looking back at some pictures...well...I could be mistaken for a high-end bag lady. Especially with my hair. When I travel I usually have a "There's Something About Mary" coif.

Ok, I've babbled on enough. I'm not exactly sure what work I'm going to get done for the next few hours...I'm just really excited to leave!