Interesting how at this exact point in time, four years ago, I would be talking about/reading about/hearing about the first snow, how the roads are bad, and how we're in for a long winter.

I was all in a tizzy (ha ha ha) when the cyclone news came out and then I was like, wait a second...this is kind of like allllllllllll of the people that are shocked when it snows in Edmonton in October, May, or...even July. It's pretty much the norm, it's pretty much the way that the life over in the Indian Ocean works, so...........take a pill and enjoy the Sunday spent in bed instead of at the pool.

I have a ton of downloaded stuff from iTunes (I'm still debating if I want to start watching Mad Men. I hear a lot about it...but I can't decide), we have water/pop/juice, and if we brave it we can walk to get breakfast/lunch/supper....we might just get a little wet.

The trajectory path looks like the main "cyclone" activity will hit in the middle of the ocean, and by the time it hits Madagascar, it will be a mild tropical storm. Even if the trajectory moves down and the winds pick up, it's highly unlikely we'll get a cyclone beyond a level 1. Yup, it feels as weird writing that as it does reading it.

I might be without internet tonight or tomorrow, we shall see. {On a demented note - at least this postpones any potential strikes. As it warms up, the chances employees go on strike is higher. As long as it stays rainy, all is normal. We'll see how my "weather/strike" theory goes as we start summer this month.}