Today at lunch, a collegue from Canada that we haven't seen in a long time came up to congratulate Louis and I since she hadn't seen us since we got married!

We talked about the day, how the surprised that we were planning turned out better than we could have ever planned for.

I haven't looked at the pictures from the day in a while...and sometimes, I don't think of it as that big of a deal. It wasn't something that we planned for a year, it wasn't something that everyone in our lives got to see, it wasn't this..production. It was just one day out of a gazillion that Louis and I will spend together. I still think it was awesome, but I also think that my views on weddings have changed a lot. I think that for some people, they totally work! For others...not so much. I used to think that maybe for our ten year anniversary we'd have a wedding...but even that sounds daunting, I'd much rather have a party like we had back in February.

From allll of the pictures that were taken, I have three favorites.

I don't even remember this. But The look on our faces says it all. We are very, very happy.
I don't remember this picture at all either!! The look on our faces is like, OH SH!T! What just happened here?! 

I remember this picture!!! It was near the very end of the night, there were maybe ten people left, and for some reason we got convinced that we had to have a first dance. I don't know what the song was, but I remember talking with Louis, both of us thrilled, saying that this night has been so much more fun and enjoyable than we could have possible imagined.  
It's weird that we saw this lady today and talked about our wedding day, because just last night I was a mega-mega jerk to Louis and fought unfairly and I wasn't feeling fantastic. (I don't think that fighting can be avoided - especially between a French and an English - but I always want to fight "fair" - which did not happen last night.)

Marriage or maintaining any relationship isn't easy. There so many comprimises to be made, there's so and there are so many external factors that can change the dynamics and throw a wrench into all your plans. But when you're with someone you really love, any problem or argument or obstacle, all seems worth it.


  1. And it always helps to never be to proud or stuborn to say "I'm sorry" Love G&Gxxoo

  2. <3 love this post! makes me sooooo happy! <3 wf


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