China Domestic Flights


Yesterday I was anxiously awaiting our domestic China fights. Today I got the email! Woo hoo!! All are great (or they look that way) and are mostly around the 2 hour mark. No early morning flights!!! Woo hoo!! (Let's see if I'm Woo Hoo-ing after going to the local airports...)

  • A 2 hour flight from Beijing to Xi'an on Chinese Eastern Airlines
  • A 1 hour 50 minute flight from Xi'an to Guilin on Chinese Southern Airlines
  • A 2 hour and 5 minute flight from Guilin to Shanghai on Chinese Eastern Airlines
  • A 2 hour 20 minute from from Shanghai to Hong Kong on Chinese Eastern Airlines
No clue if these are good/bad/horrific airlines, but I don't think I have much option.

Random China Fact of the Day: China blocks Youtube and Facebook!