If You're Happy And You Know It

Today is Thursday and I can't remember as far back as Monday. My brain is tired, which means I'm more emotional, which means that I have more crazy moments than usual (I know...I didn't think it was possible either).

I'm trying to go a bit out of my comfort zone, and publically write about things that I am happy for, because this week I've really sucked and focused on all of the negative. I'm sure everyone falls into this trap at one point or another, but I want to change it. I remember wayyyyyyyyyyyy back I used to try to post five things that I was thankful for. I'm not going to enforce the (made up) rule, but I'm going to challenge myself to do this more often. Sometimes I think it's cheesy and too embarrasing to post...and then I remember that the words "puke" and "vomit" and "I'm a sweaty mess" show up on this blog about thirty nine thousand and five times...so screw it.

I'm happy that I fell for someone that has the same lifestyle as me, who has such a strong character, who has so many wonderful traits that sometimes I wish I had more of. It's like he's thrown in my life to challenge me to try to be as balanced in my life as possible, which I don't always know how to do.

I'm happy that my family plays a big role in my life, and I'm happy that family plays a big role in Louis' life as well. I hear some pretty ragged horror stories about "THE IN-LAWS" but I can't imagine mine being any more perfect.

I'm happy that Starbucks makes instant coffee. There is this whole invention called a "coffee maker" but for some reason, the instant VIA like SERIOUSLY makes a difference in my day-to-day life. Like seriously, does it sound like I'm freaking crazy when I'm thankful for coffee? No, I'm not after world peace or the end of famine...I'm after having Starbucks (which ironically I absolutely detested until about four years ago. I was a Second Cup die hard).

I'm happy for these two people on-site. They are always happy. One of them had their passports stolen (they have dual citicenship) along with all of their electronics (ipad, hard drives with pictures, everything) and he maintained his sunny disposition the entire time. Like how is that possible? The other is a never ending joke-teller and incredibly hilarious. Louis and I are trying to work something out so that we visit him and his wife (who we have never met) with the girls next year. We call him Yosemete Sam because...well...that's pretty much what he is. A proud NRA member with the most American accent I could imagine. It's interesting, in the outside world, we would never, ever, ever have crossed paths nevermind being friends. He's putting together a charity golf tournament and today I'm going to start to help him (not sure how yet).

Alright, that's four things that make me happy...and I'm already happier now that I've written about them.
Yay me.