Beijing would eat Me

I am a savage. Pre-Madagascar Beijing would eat me up and spit me out. Now, I'm ready to push you out of my way if you won't move as you block me because you want to sell me something that I "need".

I'm ready to use my arm to do a mild tai-chi sweeping move if you try to steal my cab.

I'm willing to hop in a rickshaw (idea didn't fly with the mama) to get back home when I'm cold and hungry.

I will put up my hand as a "STOP" and cross the road and let you honk at me all you want (seriously, this is how it works here).

We've had an amazing time here. But I'm ready for a much, much, much slower pace.

Tomorrow we spend the day touring, and then we fly to Xi'an. Another Hilton I think, which means we have to watch what we eat there. We had supper buffet here twice (it's pretty incredible but I can't eat lately so I didn't eat much....even from the dessert bar!), and after the second time we realized that we paid $100USD for each supper! OMG!

I've bought a few gifts, I've bought a few things for myself, and I've bought a pair of UGGS that I've been coveting. 'Cause those come in handy in the jungle. I got ripped off on a pair of non-leather boots, but still didn't pay too much (like $40USD, which is probably 40% too much, but since we had searched EVERY booth for size's harder to haggle them down). We had an experience where one lady LOST it on us practically chasing after us mad that we didn't buy anything. We hadn't eaten since we stopped in at ColdStone and called it a day.

Ok. It's 23h16 and I'm not yet packed....

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