Bye, Bey Beiiiijingggggg!

See you....never.

I'm into Season 2 or 3 on Mad Men and I can't get this song Bye, Bye Birdie out of my head (along with some classics like Chicikita (where would I get this!?))

So cool to meet up with an ex-colleague that I haven't seen for years. So cool to see that part of China.
But seriously?
  • Pollution
  • Traffic
  • Constantly hearing and seeing people hork (please Google if you don't know what this is) and farmer snot (again, Googlez)

Ok, so seeing the Great Wall (even though there was some confusion on my part). Another foreign way of life. All of the cultural sights that I can't name because I'm tired. I've liked it...but I haven't liked it? I've liked parts of it but today...I was ready to leave.

Also...(hope I don't kick myself for saying this) but know those vacations you take and you're like, Wow! The food was so good, I gained 4 lbs!!! This is not one of those places. I eat breakfast, and then I usually try lunch, but today I was WAY too tired and had a little temper tantrum (not really. But real ones do happen). I tried a bite of three of the four dishes. Then I threw my chopsticks down, grabbed a fork, ate a few spoonfuls of rice, and ate a protein bar. The bites I took...they tasted what I think the bottom of an ice hockey arena garbage can would taste like if you licked it.

We have been having a super good time and I don't mean to complain, but it's been awhile since I've been THIS MUCH out of my comfort zone. They have some incredible things here and I'm SO glad I've come to China, but I'm also glad we're staying in 5* hotels and they have spas and like...fruit and normal stuff for breakfast. It's a wild ride.

If you're not already on Facebook, here's just one of my favorite pictures of from yesterday. :)

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  1. I give you full props for taking a trip to China. One of my two "dream vacations" in this world is Japan (the other Australia) but I've always said I'd only go to Japan if I could have a full-time translator with me at all times.