Celebration and Sadness

Today was my first real day exploring Beijing.

Today I used all my energy to think of a friend's brother, at peace, and not suffering.

Today I used all my energy to remember the kindness, the funny stories (like the had to boost my car one time because we were using "Idiot-proof" booster cables that...turned out to not be so idiot-proof. Thankfully Kelly came to the rescue. And didn't kept the jokes about how stupid we were....to the absolute bare minimum :D), and what a great person Kelly is.

Kelly is truly the kindest person. And the most loving husband, dad, brother, and son. I cannot grasp the concept of death of a young person, so I'll focus on turning my confusion into appreciating the loved ones I have, and celebrating Kelly's life.

I've asked our guide to find me a Temple, which I'll go to the same day as his Life Celebration will be held in Canada. I'm also extremely thankful that at least one or two of my family members will go to the (Canadian) Celebration on my behalf. So thankful.

Hug your loved ones closer tonight. Appreciate your health.


  1. We will and you do the same. Love G&Gxxoo


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