I was really unsure how I was going to pack for China. Thankfully, an expat brought me in a winter coat and a few other goodies...and I've ordered some cheap stuff that my mom can bring me her... but it's all winter stuff.

And based on the China Weather for 2011 and predicted 2012 I wasn't sure if I need to pack clothes for the warmer weather. Some places on our trip are expected to be as warm as 26*C.

Ummmm...Not going to be an issue.

I'm in my office now, holding a cup of coffee to keep warm, wearing a rain jacket (it's the only thing I have in my office) wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, FREEZING. Well, not freezing, but uncomfortable enough that I'll most likely go home and lunch to bring back a sweater.

The craziest part?

It's 23*C outside.

At 23*C outside three or four years ago it would be tank top, shorts, and sandals. Now it's considered a "cool fall day" (or spring I guess in our case?).

[Grandpa update: He's doing so, so, so well. I could not have asked for things to go smoother and am so lucky that he's surrounded by good people!]

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