Wow! I was able to upload a picture! Finally! It's a crappy picture, but I looked out the window now and thought it was pouring rain or maybe a forrest fire. Nope! Fog. Like crazy crazy crazy fog.

I seem to have lost my charger for my camera battery ( it's HK, I don't think that's a big deal...probably pretty easy to find another), so maybe it's a good day not to have a camera. Except then my mom is stuck taking really stupid pictures of me. (Ok, that's every day).

It's my mom's birthday today! She's sick...and I'm recovering well (FINALLY) but still a little tired so not sure what kind of party we're going to have. I'm also a granny and like to go to bed early. I'll try to get my party pants on.

Can't wait for today!

UPDATE: This was the worst weather accuracy EVER. It was cold and rainy. None of this "Feels like 32*C crap!)

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