Here's to a day...

  • where we sort of have a vague idea what we're doing
  • that we're not innondated with a gazillion years of history that we can't really keep track
  • where we don't hear "unic" forty times (more on that later, and yes, that's what I mean)
  • where we don't get frustrated by trying to figure out how to plug something in
  • where we don't freeze (yah right! it's pooring rain outside and we're going on a river cruise!)
  • where we don't detest our lunch
  • where we get to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp at a fairly decent hour
  • where our sore throats go away
I'll report back. Really looking forward to this Li River cruise. Hoping they'll have a garbage bag or something so that I don't get soaked to the bone (for four hours!)
It's already a good start, we had breakfast and there were no mishaps! LOL. China is so new and odd to us! :D

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