Hong Kong is Crazy and Happy Birthday Mom

Um...so sometimes in Canada, I get what I like to call, "First World Overwhelm". The lights...the traffic, the selection of cereals...it all gets to me. So..China? It's been a bit crazy. But Hong Kong? Oh Emm Gee. Like seriously. This place is crazy. But while I've been overwhelmed, I've still been really enjoying it, especially with our AWESOME driver and AWESOME guide today.
I'm back at the hotel, going to the gym (since I can finally breathe) and then taking a rest from all this...HKness. And then? We're doing a harbour cruise that looks freaking amazing, whereby like 20 or 30 buildings participate. Crazy sh7t. Today is also my mom's birthday, and we have a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but no real time to enjoy it. I'm trying to convince her to bring it on the boat and I'll sneak us some but she's not having it. Well, I guess that's ok since it's her birthday.
I can't wait to post some of the crazy (and some funny) pictures!! Hope all is well back home!

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